Cecile Valery, social media director for 3dRudder, has revealed on the PlayStation Blog that the peripheral, which is powered by your feet and compatible with over 25 PSVR titles, is coming this June.

The 3dRudder was born from co-founder Valerio Bonora’s desire to use the feet as a method of control. As you can see on the pics below, there’s a rounded bottom half that lets you move the controller with your feet, tilting as you go to move in-game. An IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) makes this possible, as well as pressure sensors, and all you need to do is plug it in via USB.

“It provides a different kind of gameplay experience,” says Mixed Realms, the studio behind Sairento VR (coming soon to PS VR). “The 3dRudder is an innovative device that provides a whole new form of movement for VR gamers. We see it as the hoverboard for virtual reality experiences.”

Carbon Studio, the creator of The Wizards Enhanced Edition, adds: “The 3dRudder allows for a more free, precise, and intuitive control: besides freeing up the hands, the controller allows for more kinds of movement.”

At launch it’ll be compatible with over 25 games, with support for more coming in the future. Right now though you can head to the link above for the full list of games.

We can expect it on June 17, and it costs £119 ($119 USD, €119), with pre-orders open now at this link.

Can this transform the way you play?