411 Games Fact or Fiction: Is Overwatch’s Success Surprising?


Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of Fact or Fiction. As always, I am Daniel Anderson, and I hope everyone has had a good week. I also hope everyone had a good July 4th. Sadly, I was working but I at least got to spend a little time with my family. Would have been better if I hadn’t been working, but what can you do? Anyway this week we have 411’s Todd Vote going against Sean Garmer. Let’s see what they have to say, shall we?

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1.) You are excited at the thought there could be a Diablo 4 entering development.

Todd Vote Fact: Yup. I enjoyed the heck out of Diablo III. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to playing it, my friends had already had the game for a while, and had no interest in sitting through the story again. So while I enjoyed the game, I literally have very little idea as to what was going on. That said, I still enjoyed the gameplay quite a bit, and will definitely be looking forward to more Diablo.

Sean GarmerFact: I’m a big Blizzard fan and after the expansion, Diablo 3 was so much fun. It became exactly what fans wanted. I would welcome a fourth game with open arms. Hopefully it gets released on console from day 1 this time.

Score: 1 for 1 – I really, really enjoyed Diablo 3 after the expansion. It was night and day from the day one Diablo 3 experience. In all honesty, what other franchise is there for Blizzard to work on next? Warcraft is not going to see a new game until WoW finally ends, Starcraft 2 just finally came out, so that only leaves Diablo.

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2.) If PlayStation VR fails VR will not take off as an entertainment option.

Todd Vote Fiction: No, I don’t think so. The success of VR as an entertainment option is not going to rest solely on whether or not one console maker can make it take off as an viable option. I think the PC crowd is going to be what decides if VR is viable or not. There are a lot more options on the PC for use with VR, and once modders can get their hands on it, the possibilities will really open up.

Sean GarmerFiction: If Nintendo didn’t announce they are testing VR, I would say it is a total slam dunk that VR won’t be common place if PS VR fails. Perhaps Nintendo doesn’t deliver an experience similar to that of even PS VR, but if they can deliver something at the cheapest price, it will help Sony. PS VR is supposed to be the platform that will get people hooked on VR because it’s on a console they already on and it’s cheaper than Vive and Oculus. But it’s not gonna look good for the more expensive ones, if the more common option fails. Just makes sense.

Score: 2 for 2 – My big worry about Playstation VR failing is that it will be the first mass marketed VR system. Most people won’t have $2000+ to spend on a computer and VR helmet. Playstation VR is the most affordable option people wanting to try VR will have. If it fails, that means that the most common VR option would have failed.

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3.) Zelda: Breath of the Wild will sell the 2 million copies it needs to sell to become profitable.

Todd VoteFact: Though, I wonder does this mean 2 million copies across the Wii U and the NX, or two million copies on each console?

Sean GarmerFact: Worldwide and on two consoles, they can do it. This Zelda is going to bring people into the series that don’t even care about the other games because of it being an open world type game. There is supreme interest in this game and people will go out and buy it.

Score: 3 for 3 – I think it will reach the 2 million mark between the two systems. I just wonder how the breakdown between Wii U and NX will be.


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4.) Sony and Microsoft will eventually link PSN and Xbox Live for multiplayer gaming.

Sean GarmerFiction: If it happens, I don’t see it until the next console generation. There would be obvious benefits to this for gamers, but there are so many logistics to this that I can’t see the two companies linking the two services together. Partnering together for certain games makes sense. However, just I think there’s so much more that would need to happen that it’s not gonna work. I mean when something goes down, who’s fault is it gonna be? With two companies that large you know they will butt heads. Sony also has no reason to do this either.

Todd VoteFact: I think this is one that is in the best interest of gamers, and both companies should just bite the bullet and make it happen. We already know with a little work it’s possible. There is nothing wrong with this as a goodwill move towards all gamers. Let us play with everybody regardless of console choice.

Score: 3 for 4 – I think this will happen as long as developers keep pressing for it. If developers slack off on the demands the companies will let the idea fade away.

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5.) There is no excuse for The Division’s multiple patch and expansion launch issues.

Sean GarmerFact: Well, on PC that’s their fault for how they setup the security system. They can’t stop people from using cheat engine in the game and makes the game annoying to play there. As for consoles, you are bound to have some issues. However, this had been happening way too often and is becoming a huge hindrance to the game. It’s ridiculous at times how much you hear of this stuff happening. There should be no excuse for this at all.

Todd VoteFact: I’ve been defending the issues The Division has faced, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. How do you continually release broken patch after broken patch? At this point, there really isn’t much of an excuse for it. You should know the code of your game well enough. I could maybe see if this was a new, unforeseen issue, but each patch seems to bring about the same problems. Characters disappearing, not being able to play the new content, etc. Get it together, Ubi!

Score: 4 for 5 – I think there is no reason the same issues keep popping up patch after patch.

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6.) You are surprised to hear that Overwatch has surpassed League of Legends in Korean gaming café popularity.

Sean GarmerFact: I am surprised how much Over watch has caught on so much with people. It’s a Blizzard game so maybe I shouldn’t be. A lot of credit should be given to Blizzard for how good the game is. Pretty cool Korea has latched onto it.

Todd VoteFiction: Nothing stays on top forever.

Score: 4 for 6 – I think it is interesting that it gained in popularity so quickly.

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Bonus Question: What remaining games are you looking forward to the most the rest of this year?

Sean Garmer Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Pokémon Sun and Moon, the two Dragon Quest ports on 3DS, I am Setsuna, Tales of Berseria, God Eater Burst 2, World of Final Fantasy, Battlefield 1, Last Guardian, South Park 2, Watch Dogs 2, COD IW.

That wraps up this week’s edition of Fact or Fiction. Sean and Todd went 4 for 6 agreeing more than they disagreed. I hope everyone has a good week, and until next week, happy gaming.