Last year the prologue to Proze was released and we are finally getting more information on the game now. Proze Episode 1: Enlightenment is said to arrive on April 11th. SignSine, the developer, confirmed the news over Steam saying:

“Everything looks promising and we’re almost at the finish line, but need a little more time to wrap things up. The first full chapter of Proze story will be out on April 11.”

The developer also promised a new trailer but it has yet to be released. If you haven’t seen the first trailer to Proze Episode 1, you can watch it below.

Proze is a first-person adventure game that is set in both the past and the present. Players are able to explore a Cold War-era Soviet facility and hop between two time zones. You start in the 1970s where you follow an engineer who uncovered the work happening at the facility.

In the present day, you explore the aftermath of the events that occurred in the past. The game is filled with puzzles and horror elements but players also get an episodic story. Currently, it is unknown how many installments will be within Proze.

If Proze is a game up your ally they try the free prologue. The game is short but it does give you a good taste of what the first chapter will hold. Beta testing for the game is also currently underway. The game is set to launch on both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.