Not sold on the whole wireless smart speaker thing? Here’s another option to pique your interest: Whyd. The French company’s colorful line of voice-controlled, high-fidelity speakers hit Sonos and the Amazon Echo where it hurts ’em the most. 

The $300 cylindrical speakers offer the simplicity of the Echo’s voice control, but with higher quality: Each speaker contains five drivers and a subwoofer, aiming for audiophile crowd. It’s also limited to music, unlike the Echo, which is trying to become the brains of your entire home. 

Sound-wise, the speaker is more analogous to Sonos, and it takes a crack at a common complaint among Sonos users: Its mediocre software control experience and its lack of support for wireless standards like Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Google Cast.  The Whyd vows to work with all of these standards, as well as major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Deezer.  It has its own proprietary app for controlling music, but the Amazon-style voice control option is a nice, convenient touch.  JPT