Rosetta Stone is a great program to use if you are looking to learn a new language on your own schedule and sticking within a budget. The company has become a leader in software-based language education, and offers extensive classes in over 24 languages through a variety of devices including computers and smartphones.

Rosetta Stone, a Virginia based company, is now offering a new form of augmented reality machine learning that can translate text and identify objects in real-time. Dynamic Immersion, a feature which surrounds the user in an international location where you can explore new phases and dialects, let you experience the iPhone’s AR capabilities combine with machine learning technology to translate real-world text and identify real-world objects via advanced object recognition technology.

With the launch of the new app, Rosetta Stone has become the first language learning app to practice object precognition technology to help its users gain a new vocabulary, grammar, and speaking abilities with objects in their everyday life.

A beta will be launched for their upcoming language learning game, Seek & Speak ,where students can point their iPhone camera at an object to learn its vocabulary word in either English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The company also plans on releasing more languages in the future.

Matt Hulett, President of Rosetta Stone, said:

“I’m incredibly proud of our team of software developers behind this product. Their use of augmented reality and machine learning creates an incredibly rewarding learning experience for our customers. Our iOS mobile app brings language immersion to the next level, with technologies that are only now widely available to consumers through mobile phones.”

Rosetta Stone has also improved the five main languages it teaches which include “Embedded Translations,” which allows the user to hold down on any foreign word to show its translation. The company also updated its offline Phrasebook, which currently holds a collection of over 164 useful spoken phrases throughout eight different categories. It also offers a TruAccent Speech Recognition Engine that is a new feature for the iPhone. The speech recognition technology utilizes Machine Learning to help users improve their articulation while learning any of Rosetta Stone’s 30 languages. They promise to match their languages intonation more precisely than even before with the new technology and unlike other technology the TruAccent uses thousands of hours of recorded speech data to help educate its established statistical models on sound patterns and grammar found in natural languages.

Currently Rosette Stone for the iPhone supports 30 languages, but some are only available online. If you’re interest in Rosetta Stone then you can try out a free 30-day trial and then purchases a subscription that ranges between $84 to $200. The company is also offering 30 percent off a one-year subscription on their website right now. The app is available right now through iTunes App Store.