Award winning strategy game Skyworld arrives on PSVR this March

Award winning strategy game Skyworld arrives on PSVR this March


Vertigo Games and Wolfdog Interactive have revealed that their award winning VR strategy game, Skyworld, will be available for the Playstation VR on 26th March.  The PSVR edition will provide all the fun of the previously released PC version and see players fight control over the VR battlefield of Skyworld.  A brand new trailer can be seen below showing off the action…


In Skyworld players are put in control of a kingdom at war against a demon horde which has found its way into the magical realm of Skyworld.  Starting with a small army, players will work their way through these sky islands defeating the demons and building up their strength to tackle bigger challenges.

Using a unique hybrid gameplay system of turn based management, deck building and real time battles, players will control 16 available units, including siege tanks, archers and dragons, and set out on a full single player campaign.

The release of Skyworld on the PSVR will include some brand new features including the opportunity for players to win a position on the Skyworld PlayStation VR leaderboards.

If you feel you have it in you take on the best that demonkind can throw at you then look out for Skyworld, arriving on Playstation VR on 26th March.

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