Beat Blaster Game Hitting PSVR This Week


Beat Blaster, a VR shooting game that involves tons of running and dodging, is ready to debut at PSVR this week. The game is set to the rhythm of music with 30 levels for the player to go through. The cool thing about Beat Blaster is all the play through for the levels are different due to the music.

What is the main objective of Beat Blaster? To clear a level, which means getting to the end of the song, without dying. Seems pretty simple enough right? Although you might have unlimited ammo, you only get a single life to dodge or kill enemies that are attempting to attack you. These enemies appear to the rhythm of the music, so as the music goes faster, the level gets harder.

Each song that is included in Beat Blaster is an original mix with a variety of styles. Due to the ambisonic sounds that are featured in the game, you will be able to experience the music in a way you never have before. The game is also unique since it offers no loading screens, menus, or waiting periods. That can get a little confusing to some gamers but honestly, we all hate waiting for our game to load.

Beat Blaster is playable on the Oculus, PSVR, and HTC Vive, so you have the option of playing with a classic VR controller, the new 3dRudder, or by tilting your head. If you are one to get motion sick, don’t worry. The game was designed with that in mind, so the player does not rotate throughout the game to help minimize the possibility of motion sickness.

The masterminds behind Beat Blaster are Ivanovich Games. They’ve created other amazing VR games, including Operation Warcade VR, Final Soccer VR, and Cosmic Challenge. The company is known for making more indie style games, which is what we are currently used to seeing in the VR world.

Beat Blaster has already been out on the Oculus and can be purchased from the Steam Store for $19.99. It will hit the PSVR Store on April 6th and will also be available on Viveport.