The football teams which are playing in the Super Bowl have been decided and we are close to the big game. In preparation for game day, CBS Sports announced their plans to use AR (Artificial Reality) during their coverage of Super Bowl LIII at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. CBS promises to enhance your football experience like never before with AR technology.

At the moment both the NFL and CBS are being a little secretive in what we can all expect when it comes to the AR Super Bowl Coverage, but they did confirm four cameras dedicated specifically to AR will be used, including the use of the stadium’s SkyCam for an awesome bird’s eye view during the big game.

The team that will be hosting the CBS Sports Super Bowl coverage promises to deliver a broadcast that is rich in AR features, which will be used during commentary and on the field real-time events. This is the first time the NFL has been using some AR coverage during the Super Bowl and it could begin to pave the way for live sports broadcasting in the future.

Most likely CBS will be using the AR features to deliver information on player stats and help fans understand certain plays, similar to what the Mexican multimedia company Televista did during Super Bowl LI in 2017. Since then AR technology has really skyrocketed and commentators have a lot more they can do with the technology today.

“It would be amazingly cool if during replays, instead of just reviewing the play, you could use AR to digitally change the replay footage to see how the team could have yielded better results, either leading to a touchdown or playing better defense,” Naomi Assaraf, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of cloudHQ, told VRScout.

Assaraf went on to say that the technology could be used to see players wearing a digital version of their college uniform in real-time as he is on the field.

CBS does plan on using 115 cameras to broadcast the game, including 16 4k camera, 9 Sony HDC-4800 camera systems, wireless handheld cameras on the field, multiple cameras that are built into the pylons that run along the side of the field, three super slow-motion cameras on the goal post, and over 25 camera placed around the end zone.

If you some how have a ticket to the Super Bowl, don’t worry you can still witness the cool AR features that will be happening throughout the game. The AR effects will be broadcast on the Mercedes-Benz Stadiums Halo Display, a giant LED 3610-degree video display.

Super Bowl LIII will happen at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, home to the Atlanta Falcons. Pre-game festivities start on Sunday, February 3rd at 1 pm with kickoff happening at 6:30 pm EST on CBS. You can also stream the game at