VR headsets are tricky things to store seeing as they’re only designed to sit on your head, but Sony now has its own solution for how you can maintain your PlayStation VR unit.

The company made surprisingly little song and dance about its official headset stand for the device, made in partnership with UK-based gaming merchandise company, Numskull. It’s a pretty simple piece of kit, with a black obsidian head to store the device on, a heavy chrome base to keep it from falling over, and an adjustable pole that can move the head to sit at anywhere between 38 and 48 centimeters. There’s a cable strap too. Sadly it doesn’t boast any controller chargers, which you need in abundance if you’re regularly using both your DualShock 4 and two Move controllers.


The kit costs £29.99 (about $36).

We were pretty surprised to hear that the headstand not only exists, but is already available. In fact a representative for the company told UploadVR that the device had been a “great success” and sold out across many retailers before the Christmas period (which is probably why we didn’t even know it existed). Apparently it’s currently only available in GAME stores in the UK, though we couldn’t find it listed on their online store. It was sitting on Amazon via a third-party retailer named Yellow Bulldog, though. They have it on their official site too.

Sadly the headset isn’t available in the US and isn’t likely to be as it’s only licensed for sale in the EU and Australia. Numskull did point out that you can import that product if you’re that eager to have an official Sony product to store your official Sony product, though. A bit of symmetry is nice, isn’t it? Maybe that’s just my OCD.

Numskull are also the ones supplying that rather bizarre Resident Evil 7 VR candle that smells like wood and blood.

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