The Dell Mobile Connect was announced last year but now we have a bunch of new features that will blow your mind. Dell Mobile Connect will let you access your phone in VR.

The app has received updates and now it is a solid app for Dell owners who are looking to access their phones directly from their Dell PC’s. To date 30 million phone calls and text messages have been received through the application.

The company expects the number to rise since it has announced new VR functionality that will allow users to access text messages and phone calls wearing a VR headset. Users can also use the entirety of their smartphones interface.

Dell Mobile Connect will allow VR users to access music, reference online guides, check Twitter, order food, call an Uber, and open the camera app and view the real world around them; all without having to remove their headset or exiting an experience. Window Central does report that any audio played through the app is emitted through the phone rather than the headset, which could be a small setback when users listen to Spotify or watch Netflix.

The competition currently isn’t anywhere close to what Dell just unleashed. HTC Vive already has a way of accessing your phone while in VR but it is fairly simple and only allows users to view missed calls or texts, call back contacts, view upcoming calendar events, and reply to texts if you are using an Android phone. If you are an iPhone user then you are even more limited.

Dell has not announced when these features will be available.