Developer Uses His Own Tattoo as a Controller for AR Sonic the...

Developer Uses His Own Tattoo as a Controller for AR Sonic the Hedgehog Game


Prepare to be amazed because developer Olo Sabandija took to his Twitter account to share an amazing AR rendition of Sonic the Hedgehog. With the help of an app we see Sonic’s blue bombshell and his iconic Green Hill zone environment in the real world as if you could reach out yourself and play with them. Now you’re probably thinking this is something similar to Pokémon Go, but let me assure you, this is much cooler.

Now we know that is pretty awesome, but it gets even better. If you look at the video that Sabandija posted with his Twitter post, you will notice a NES controller tattooed on his arm. That tattoo actually acts as the controller in the game. Mind. Blown. On his Twitter you can see Sabandija pressing the buttons on his arm, which then makes Sonic jump in the game.

The whole thing was built in Unity, an open-source programming suite, and although it looks super cool, Sonic can only jump in the demo that Sabandija made. We understand why Sabandija only made a small portion of the game like this, imagine playing the full Sonic game with only one hand. Originally Sabandija was going to do something similar with the game Doom but ultimately decided to stay with just Sonic.

Asked if he was going to make the game fully playable, Sabandija told Nerdist:

“I basically learned the basics of Unity in the last month. In theory I can make a playable game, but I’m still several online tutorials away from that, and it would need to be a game like Arkanoid or Space Invaders, where you only move side to side and maybe down. I can make all sides of the D-pad interactive but activating only the up part without also triggering the sides would make most games unplayable.

When asked about his tattoo Sabandija said he wanted to choose an image that was meaningful to himself since it was going to be permanently inked on his body. He also wanted the design to be easily recognized by an AR engine and something with straight and sharp lines, so the controller was a good option. Although he did originally want to ink a SEGA Genesis controller onto his arm, he knew it wouldn’t work properly with the AR engine and decided against it, knowing that the NES controller was still iconic today and was perfect for the AR engine.

If you want to see the video yourself of Sabandija’s tattoo in action, click here to go to his tweet and be prepared to have your mind blown.