Borderlands. An action RPG series that Chary and I have played addictively a couple of years ago and it is now in VR! Let’s check it out!
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If you never played Borderlands before… It is a first-person shooter, set in an open world, with role-playing game elements. The game is very rewarding, every quest you finish or enemy you slay rewards you with loot – lots of loot. Borderlands is actually famous for its loot system, which generates a variety of guns, shield generators, grenade modifications and class modifications. In this game you are a Vault Hunter tasked to complete quests and exploring Pandora while dealing with its wildlife, crazed scavengers and various military groups. This game has frantic combat, making it very exciting.

It is totally our type of game, hence we were very excited to hear this game is going to get a VR version! Now, the big question is: Does Virtual Reality actually add to the gameplay?

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VR on!
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