Facebook Job Listing Shows PSVR Plans, ‘Monterey’ Headset Named for Social VR

Facebook Job Listing Shows PSVR Plans, ‘Monterey’ Headset Named for Social VR

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The world of Virtual Reality continues to expand and with programs like VRChat, it’s becoming more and more of a social event than ever before. With Facebook being the leading social media platform currently, it only makes sense that they would seek to expand their already established Social VR network.

Facebook is no stranger to the world of VR, but a new job posting hints at a new social space opening up soon with PlayStation VR. According to a report from UploadVR, the position in question is for an Innovation Tech Specialist for their established Social VR team. The Social VR team itself isn’t new, but the inclusion of PlayStation VR is something additional.

Though the original LinkedIn posting has since been taken down, the original report states that work will buckled down regarding their Spaces project. Spaces is a way for Facebook friends to meet up and hangout in the world of Virtual Reality. What makes this intriguing is the mention of both PSVR and new equipment “Build and extend workstations with productivity in mind, especially as we add PSVR, Windows Headsets, Monterey & Mobile.”

No details have been released outside of speculation off of a job listing, but the candidate requirements do open up the possibilities of Spaces, or something like it, coming to multiple platforms including something new all together.

As for Spaces itself, the social media VR experience has been in beta since 2017 and is active at this time with Oculus and HTC Vive VR headsets. Users can play games, interact, visit all sorts of digital environments – it’s an interesting idea only shadowed by the meme kingdom known as VRChat, which is available on Steam.

You can read the full report from UploadVR here, as well as learn more about the Monterery prototype that was first leaked by Variety last year. So far, Facebook has made no comment about the speculation regarding Spaces and PlayStation VR.

With the rise of virtual reality and how accessible the technology has come, will the next wave of social media notoriety exist solely in VR?