Ford Motor Company really upped their game with Co-Pilot360 technology. The driver assisted technology offers a vast amount of features including Blind Spot Information System, Pre-Collision Assist, and it can detect potential hazards on the road.

Ford is conducting experiments to see how their technology actually handles with real life drivers facing some potentially dangerous issues on the road. During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ford allowed attendees to go head-to-head with the Co-Pilot360 program in a one-on-one virtual reality test for the title of “Most Vigilant Driver.”

Users strapped on an Oculus Go and were transported into the driver’s seat of a 2018 Ford Edge through the VR headset and tested with navigating a variety of real-world hazards that were meant to showcase the capabilities of the technology. The interaction was six minutes long and had users driving from their home, on to a highway, and into a busy city.

The technology tracked where the users were looking throughout the experience to determine a score based on their percentage of correctly-identified threats. The Oculus Go controller was also used to help identify hazards by pointing and clicking on specific instances throughout the experience. Scores were wirelessly uploaded to a leader-board system that attendees could view on-site and later brag about being the safest driver.

Attendees who took on the experience were emailed a 360-panoramic image taken directly from their experience embedded with their score. The experience helped Ford show off the impressive technology for the Co-Pilot360 and effectively demonstrate how their system works in real world situations.

Ford wasn’t the only company that began offering their own VR immersive content. Audi is offering Holoride backseat VR entertainment technology, which turns any backseat of any vehicle into an immersive experience. Intel and Warner Bros. are working on a Batman themed self-driving car with augmented windows. During the ride in the Bat-mobile, users are greeted by Batman butler Alfred who talks to them throughout their journey. It is clear that the automotive world has found plenty of uses for virtual and augmented reality.

The Ford Co-Pilot360 began making an appearance in key markets during 2018. Ford’s purpose of the technology was to “help customers drive more safely and confidently amid rising congestion and distractions.”