Megalith, MOBA style game and a first-person shooter, is an awesome VR experience that gives players control of a powerful Titan. The new game will be coming with a free trial and the trial will give PSVR users a chance to play as one of the five new Titans in the game.

“We are working on a trial version of the game. This will allow anyone to try Megalith for free and play with those who already own the full game. Players in the trial can also earn currency and unlock skins that will carry over to the full game if they chose to purchase it. Trial players will be limited to a hero rotation and will need to purchase the full game to have unrestricted access to the starting Titans,” a developer announced on Reddit.

Disruptive Games also plans to expanded their Megalith roster and add more Titans for players to play as. League of Legends, a different MOBA, has over 100 characters to play as and more are constantly being added to the game. Developers are calling the new characters “Expansion Titans” and say they will be in the game’s store and can be obtained through either in-game currency or can be purchases outright with real money, which will also speed up the process for players.

“Expansion Titans can be purchases in the store but will also be earnable using earned currency the full game in a future patch” said the developer. “This gives players who own the full game the choice to grind out expansion Titans with free currency or purchase them immediately without a grind.”

If you decided to play the free trial and then purchase the game for yourself, you won’t have to restart your currency gains. This is also the first time this genre of game has hit PSVR, so it will be interesting to see how users of the PSVR take the game.

The game was launched on January 8th and currently cost $30 for the digital game. Developers have listened to what current players are saying about the game and saw that many of the lobbies were empty, hence why they are making a free trial, and they are attempting to continually improve the game.

The Megalith free trial date has yet to be announced.

If you’re wondering what a MOBA game type is, it’s multiplayer online battle arena and includes a variety of different games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Heros of the Storm. Steam even offers its own category for MOBA games where you can find a huge selection to check out.