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Fruit Ninja is one of the best-loved games on Android and not without reason. Anybody who’s ever played the game will vouch for how addictive and enjoyable the game is, so it’s no wonder that it has been downloaded well over a billion times worldwide since it was launched by Australian video games developer, Halfbrick Studios, back in 2010. The game is also slated to be made into a Hollywood movie, along the lines of other mobile games such as Angry Birds and Tetris. Having enjoyed enviable success on a wide variety of mobile platforms over the past few years, the company is now looking to extend its success to virtual reality. Halfbrick Studios has now announced that it has been working on a version of the game that is meant for a number of VR platforms, including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony’s PlayStation VR and Google’s Daydream.

According to Halfbrick’s product manager for Fruit Ninja VR, Mr. Adam Wood, “After the latest VR technology was released, we felt that there was no better game suited to VR than Fruit Ninja. The simplicity of Fruit Ninja with the total immersion of VR creates an experience like no other”. The company says the game is ‘coming soon’ to the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, but reports seem to suggest that the launch on those two platforms will come as soon as this month, although the exact date is yet to be announced. As for those wanting to know about Halfbrick’s plans for Sony’s PlayStation VR and Google’s Daydream, the company is expected to launch those versions later this year, so no prominent virtual reality platform is in the danger of getting left out of the fun.

Fruit Ninja is one of those rare games that are available on a whole host of platforms, including those that never quite gained the same sort of traction as Android and iOS. While not all of those versions are now actively maintained by the company, the game was once available on Samsung’s short-lived Bada OS, as well as Nokia’s now-discarded Symbian operating system. The game is also available on other platforms like Windows Phone, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One. The incredible popularity of the game has meant that it continues to remain the single largest money-spinner for Halfbrick Studios, which is also the company behind other popular games like Jetpack Joyride.