Liv-EriksonLiv Erikson was able to to live out one of her dreams when she stepped into the Star Wars universe to battle against a lightsaber training Remote within Sixense’s VR demo. This helped her discover that she has a passion for immersive technologies, and so she started teaching herself Unity and documenting her learning process on her blog called “The Matrix is My Office.” This caught the attention of Microsoft’s developer evangelism team, and they offered her a full-time job where she could explore, learn, and teach about virtual and augmented reality development on her Channel 9 videoblog called “Just A/VR Show.” Liv’s show and blog are some great resources for people who are looking for beginner content for how to get into VR development. I had a chance to catch up with Liv at Microsoft’s Reactor space during the VR Hackathon just before GDC this year to talk about all of her different VR & AR evangelism efforts.


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