‘Golem’ Gets March Release Date and Fresh Gameplay Footage at PSX

‘Golem’ Gets March Release Date and Fresh Gameplay Footage at PSX


Golem, a forthcoming PSVR title that’s been in the works since 2015, has resurfaced this weekend at Sony’s PSX event. Developer Highwire Games, an indie studio founded by Bungie veterans Marty O’Donnell and Jaime Griesemer, revealed that the game is due to launch on March 13th and showed new gameplay footage during an interview at PSX.

Golem was first announced way back in 2015, and after surfacing briefly in 2016, few concrete details have emerged from the studio since. Speaking with the official PlayStation Blog’s Sid Shuman at PSX this weekend, Highwire Games showed off some new Golem gameplay and talked about how development of the title has been coming along.

In footage shown during the interview, we can see how the player’s character, a bed-ridden teenager, discovers that they can use telepathy to control a doll in the room. The player will explore and eventually find that they can also inhabit huge stone statues called golems. The ability to jump into vessels of various sizes makes for an interesting way to play with scale (which is especially impactful in VR); at one point we see the player exploring through a crack in the floorboards, and later battling as a golem with a huge sword.

Image courtesy Highwire Games

We saw a similar demo last year, but the new footage shows more polish and character development, and goes on to show new enemies—spear throwing skeletons—environments, and combat.

The game’s interesting control scheme, which involves leaning to move, remains, however the developers say they’re increased the level of control by making the player stay still (even while leaning) unless the trigger is pulled.

Golem is a PSVR exclusive which Highwire announced will launch on March 13th.

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