Google Chrome has just been updated and Google has brought a new feature to the web browser. As such Chrome will now support VR content on the web directly. Basically, you will not be needing a separate app or YouTube (which is most popular and has provided easy access to VR) to experience or consume VR content.

Google Chrome now supports VR content on the web directly

Now you can just open your Chrome browser, go to a website that supports VR content and experience VR directly. As per Google, you can also have a fully immersive experience by using Chrome with a Daydream-ready phone and Daydream View. So you will need to just browse to a VR experience you want to view, choose to enter VR, and put the phone in the Daydream View headset.

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On the contrary, “If you don’t have a headset you can view VR content on any phone or desktop computer and interact using your finger or mouse,” Google said in its blog post.

Well, as the trend in VR is catching up, it looks like Google is working on making the virtual content available to everyone and on any device. However, as of now with the addition of the new feature to Chrome, it will indeed make things much easier. Also, as there is no need to download an extra app you might just save some storage space on your smartphone.