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These days, we can attend festivals without going to the actual location. With a good data plan or Internet connection and a smartphone, we can celebrate moments that were once just possible when we’re outdoors. Such experience is even more intensified with virtual reality.

In the past, we could turn to our headsets to block out other people and surroundings. However, we live in a more advanced world where a 360-degree experience can be used to not only control our surroundings but also to immerse ourselves fully into another world. You can already imagine how stirring it would be to create an almost real projection of what you are seeing and hearing.

With the thrilling connection you have with the virtual reality experience, fascination with the VR world is inevitable. This is made obvious by the many headsets and other pieces of equipment related to virtual reality. In fact, there are pocket-sized VR headsets that allow you to immerse yourself into a virtual world anywhere you want.

VR is not only making an impact in the field of gaming. There are great virtual reality experiences that you should definitely try that do not require you to be a gaming enthusiast or even a skill to enjoy them. Here are the best three VR experiences that will surely blow your mind:

Everest VR

Everest VR is a virtual reality experience developed by Sólfar, an Icelandic studio. It is designed for the HTC Vive to make users understand that VR headsets are not just made for gaming. This particular VR experience starts below the peak of the highest mountain in the world and continues with an adventure across icy caverns. You soon see the precariously placed ice ladders, eventually reaching the summit.

It is one of the best VR experiences because it demonstrates the power of virtual reality. It transports you to a place that you would probably never get to experience in your lifetime. Everest VR also exhibits that virtual reality headsets, such as the HTC Vive, are ideal for educational purposes.

The Protectors: Walk in the Ranger’s Shoes

This eight-minute VR experience is from the National Geographic Documentary Films will let you know what it is like to be a ranger in one of Congo’s parks, the Garamba National Park. The documentary is not only informative but also serves as a wakeup call about elephant poaching. The Protectors will show you the daily lives of the brave rangers who put themselves at risk to save the big animals.

Kathryn Bigelow, an Oscar-winning film director, joined the project, along with real-life ranger Imraan Ismail who filmed the documentary. You will see how the rangers are trained, how they patrol the parks to make sure the elephants are safe against the hunters of their ivory tusks and their relationship with the animals. It is an immersive experience that you will not forget as you watch the intense job of the rangers when they trail the animals and chase after the poachers.

Apollo 11 VR Experience

We have all heard about Neil Armstrong’s journey to the moon. It is considered one of the greatest trips ever taken by man. Imagine seeing exactly what Neil Armstrong saw when he landed on the moon. This is what the Apollo 11 VR Experience offers – a journey to space from the perspective of none other than Neil Armstrong.

The VR experience mixed original sounds and videos together to create an accurate recreation of the locations involved as well as the spacecraft used. All these are offered with inspirational music in the background. It aims to educate, but it will definitely leave you with a lasting impression. It is a great way for VR users to gain a much deeper respect for the men and women who were a part of the Apollo space program.

Apollo 11 VR is a documentary that will let you relive how it was like in 1969 during the lunar expedition. That is not all though; this new type of VR film allows you to take control of the experience and you also get to fly the command module. Other things that you can do include landing the moon lander, exploring the surface of the moon, and deploying various lunar experiments before you head back to Earth.

The right VR equipment, along with your smartphone, can help enhance your experience with the virtual reality documentaries above. Whether you are looking for an outer space adventure, a trip to the highest peak on the planet, or an educational tour in the animal kingdom, these three VR experiences are engaging and engrossing. Expect them to effectively transport you to a whole new world that can come to life right in front of your eyes.

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