Here They Lie was a game that made my stomach swirl, both retaining the motion-sickness I adhered, and the horror that I experienced. While I’ve had very few problem with most games on PlayStation’s VR headset, none had made me more sick than Here They Lie. However, with slow accumulations I was eventually able to bring up my resistance towards the motion-sickness and experience what was both a pretty great horror game and an exercise in VR tolerance.

Here They Lie is the sort of game that excels with the inclusion of VR. It takes an otherwise, by the books and mediocre horror game, and transforms it into an engrossing episode of terror. 


In most of the PSVR games that I’ve played, I’ve taken in the entire area around me. But with Here They Lie, I was peeking around corners, physically moving out my head behind buildings. Whether I was in a dilapidated subway system, or a mind-bending hallway — I was constantly on edge with every step, treating my environment with extreme caution.

Here They Lie has an elegant art-style, consisting of very intense colors coupled with impressive contrast. The monsters look like wisps, oxidizing throughout the grey pastels of the world. While light-sources and the main characters’ love interests’ dress, shines a bright and shimmering gold.

There are a lot of moments in the game where the rug gets slipped underneath the player’s feet, for example — turning around can sometimes cause misdirection because what you originally saw could have disappeared. This concept is similar towards the ending moments of Arkham VR, and it’s always a treat to have moments like these in VR games.


As for the story in Here They Lie, there are a lot of unanswered questions when finishing the game. A lot of components of the narrative are vague, and you’re not going to be able to figure out and piece everything together off of one play-through alone. However, there are plenty of moments in the story where you make choices, and this adds a great amount of replayability.

Here They Lie is one of the more underrated PSVR games due to VR sickness, however, I never experienced it past the 20 minute mark. I never felt scared enough to stop playing, as my curiosity with the game trumped over the horror and seemingly disturbing features. Here They Lie is one of the more complete and fleshed out games on the PSVR from a narrative standpoint, and it’s worth being checked out.

Here They Lie


Great Art-Style

Vague Story

Possible Motion Sickness

Vague Story

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