In 2017, The Journal of the American Medical Association found that 1 in 5 high school athletes will get a concession. Concessions are known as the invisible injury and are the most prevalent injuries in sports.

One issue that is leading to the rise of concessions is not only the lack of awareness but the lack of educations about how to spot a concussion and how to treat it. CrashCourse saw this and decided to intervene.

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, a concussion is:

“An injury to the brain that results in temporary loss of normal brain function. It usually is caused by a blow to the head. In many cases, there are no external signs of head trauma. Many people assume that concussions involve a loss of consciousness, but that is not true. In many cases, a person with a concussion never loses consciousness.”

CrashCourse decided to teach students the importance of concussions and how to spot them. In order to do this and get students involved, they split their lesson into four parts, which includes:

-An interactive film that puts the viewer in the shoes of a football player using a camera installed in a helmet as it’s being worn to record the scenes.

-Then a symptoms simulator will attempt to let you experience what it feels like to have a concussion so you know what to look for in the future.

-After that is a brain fly-through that lets the viewer get up close and see how the brain operates.

-Finally, training secrets from sports heroes and respected athletes will help solidify the learning.

CrachCourse uses both Oculus Rift + Touch and Google Daydream devices to help the students with this experience. CrashCourse is created by TechAids, a nonprofit that is backed by Standford University research that focuses on public health education.

Arkansas is the first state that has been confirmed to start implementing CrashCourse into their curriculum and every high school across that state is mandated by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.

If you are interested in CrashCourse, you can visit their official website and see how their lessons work for you.