How Joe Biden can Greatly Expand the Conversation Around Liberalism | Trad Lib News


Welcome back to Trad Lib News. Since our inaugural episode, much has happened in the political world. Justin Amash has dropped out of the US presidential race, leaving Joe Biden as very likely the only candidate who is somewhere on the liberal spectrum. While I’ll still be interested in hearing from the libertarian candidate, as always, this election is now likely to be framed as a contest between Biden’s old school liberalism vs President Trump’s populism.

Today, I want to expand on my point in the previous episode, about how liberalism should go back to its roots as going hand in glove with traditional institutions. A Biden campaign would be a good chance to have this conversation, because it is expected that Biden will be making a case for safeguarding the traditional institutions of American democracy during his campaign, and also because of Biden’s lifelong support for everyday working families.