IMPORTANT: We now have an IBIS PRO, which can handle HDR even better than the one shown in the video. Check it out here:

Buy Premium HDMI 2.0 Cables:
NOTE: if you are having trouble getting your setup to work, read this article:

– Shorter cables (about 3ft each) have been reported to work better
– Make sure HDMI Cables support HDMI 2.0 spec
– for best results you MUST set the PS4 Output settings manually to YUV420, you CAN”T have it on AUTO or RGB or it might not work well.

So far, from the comments below, the IBIS works great with These TV’s:
– Sony x930d
– Sony XBR55X850D
– Samsung un65ju7500
– Samsung MU8000
– Samsung UN40KU6300F
– Samsung 60″ JS7000
– Samsung 65kS8000 (Works if using a 0.5′ cable from PS4 to IBIS, and 3′ cable from IBIS to TV.)

These TV’s have been reported to flicker or have mixed results:

– Samsung 65kS8500
– Some Sony Bravia TVs

If you have one of the TV’s listed and it does work for you, PLEASE let me know in the comments to help others know how to get their TV working.

We used a Samsung UN40KU6300F on the video.

“One does not simply get HDR on a PS4 Pro when using a PSVR” normally you need to unplug your PSVR and plug in the PS4 directly to the TV to get HDR since the PSVR box strips out the HDR, but with the IBIS, there is no need to be unplugging cables back and forth. Here’s a guide on how to set it up so you can easily switch to HDR when you need it. NOTE: on some TV’s you might need to reset the PS4 when you want to get HDR again if you are switching from the VR. If the PS4 is already off, then just select the input you need before turning on the PS4. Feel free to comment any questions.

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