Zero Latency is an Australian based company that is known for their large-scale multi-user VR attractions that give users VR headsets, management software, services, and games. The company also built a large-scale positional tracking system and deployed a modified version of the HDK 2 open source headset project.

The company believes that the Microsoft tracking system and HP headsets will provide a superior experience at a lower price to operators, around 200k instead of 350k.

The original 1st Generation system is similar to PlayStation VR. The system uses backpacks combined with overhead cameras. Zero Latency used their own custom computer technology instead of OptiTrack since it was too expensive to provide to operators.

The first large scale space that Zero Latency opened was in 2015 and they have now opened more than two dozen venues with their systems over the last few years. With their software companies are able to have leader boards and email that share the results the moment a match finishes.

The second generation that will be using HP headsets is set to release in the next few months. The system would use HP’s first generation PC VR headset and later the company would switch to a second generation HP headset. Besides the headset the stages will be brightly lit to assist the positional tracking that would be provided by Microsoft’s Windows-based system.

If you’re interested in seeing Zero Latency’s system you can head out to Las Vegas and visit the MGM Grand which offers the 1st Generation of their system.