Island 359 Officially Releases Out Of Early Access Next Week

Island 359 Officially Releases Out Of Early Access Next Week


Dinosaur-themed action survival game, Island 359, is finally releasing out of Early Access next week on February 26th, 2018, and from what we’ve seen over the past year it’s shaping up to be one of VR’s biggest and best titles yet.

We first covered the game when it debuted in Steam Early Access a year and a half ago and have since seen large, game-altering updates ever since. With the release version of the game slated to drop in just about a week’s time, the team at CloudGate Studios is gearing up for their biggest and most dramatic overhaul yet.

Coming with launch on February 26th next week is a brand new “Survival Mode”. In this mode you’ll start with absolutely nothing — PUBG style — but are then pitted against massive, deadly dinosaurs instead of other humans.

The island is six-square miles of dense, lush jungle landscapes for you to explore which should help ensure each playthrough is drastically different. There’s the standard hunger, health, stamina, and rest resource management systems that have become staples of survival games as well. Killing and then eating a dinosaur is something I never thought I’d do in VR, but I’m looking forward to chowing down on some t-rex t-bone.

Island 359 will also feature 30 unique craftable items, which really helps play up the “stranded on an island” concept even more. And finally, there are 45 fully-voiced “Survivor Stories” to find that they’ve hired real, bonafide professional voice talent to perform for the release.

The release build of the game will also naturally include a slew of updates and improvements to the core of the game as well, including both the Mercenary and Arcade modes.

For more info on Island 359, including our final verdict, check back at UploadVR on February 26th for our full and final review. Until then, let us know what you think of the game down in the below!

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