A new movie invites people to walk right beside Jesus and experience the Bible for themselves in a groundbreaking way.

“As you’re reading the Bible and such, it’s somewhere your mind goes — what would it be like to stand in Christ’s presence?” said Dave Hansen, co-owner and president of the company, explaining why he chose to direct this film.

Now virtual reality technology makes this a possibility, he explained.

Jesus VR/Submitted by Dave Hansen

The film was shot with multiple cameras in multiple angles, leading to an immersive experience as people watch everything from the birth of Jesus, to the miracles, to his crucifixion and resurrection.

“We’re not telling you where to look, you’re free to look where you want,” said Hansen, explaining, for instance, people can examine the room where the Last Supper was filmed from 360 degrees.

Jesus VR/Submitted by Dave Hansen

In one brief moment, people can see from Jesus’ perspective, when he is on the cross and surveying the crowds before him.

“Everyone who watches that scene on the VR goggles gets pretty emotional, when all of a sudden they find themselves in those last moments of Christ’s life on this earth,” said Hansen.

“The only way you could ever be in that situation is through the power and the technology of virtual reality.”

The film was shot in Matera, Italy, an ancient city that Hansen described as “unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

“It really does feel like you’re in another time.”

Hansen said it feels incredible to have produced the film, and he feels confident audiences of all backgrounds and religious faiths will connect with it.

“I think Jesus’s message is still extremely important, and beautiful — and it’s a message of love,” he said. “I think everyone can relate to that.”