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From the era of the Tamagotchi right through to the modern day with virtual mobile apps, there’s always been something curiously addictive about looking after and raising a digital pet.

Though games such as the Petz franchise proved to be popular with its accurate simulation of furry felines, SCE London Studio pushed the boundaries with augmented technology to bring EyePet bounding into our living rooms.

Virtual Cat Comes To Life On PlayStation VR

Consquently, it was only a matter of time before the evolution of the genre took us leaping and bounding into virtual reality. Step forward FusionPlay Games and Konrad the Kitten!

This first ever virtual pet game for PlayStation VR was released in February 2018, and picked up some impressive review scores. PurePlayStation described is “a charming and sweet PSVR experience with colorful and cartoonish graphics that will have you at maximum cuteness overload“.

Well, the game has progressed a lot since then, resulting in multiple smaller updates and ending in a huge game-changing update that’s out today!

This coincides with the re-release of Konrad the Kitten on the PlayStation Store for exactly the same price as the original game, plus the luxury of getting your paws on five unique kitchen avatars. Purr-fect!

Check out Konrad the Kitten.

konrad the kitten psvr
Konrad has an irresitible litter of kitties for you to care for!

Virtual Pet Game For PSVR Out Now

Let’s rewind a little. Konrad the Kitten is a colorful and fun virtual pet game allows you to strap on your virtual reality headset and use your Move controller to take care of a cute kitty called Konrad. You need to play with your kitty, stroke it and feed it to earn XP to level up and unlock brand new areas, accessories, objects and mini-games.

Just like the real thing, you need to pamper your kitty, interact with him with a range of fun activities, and make sure all his needs are met to ensure your cat is content. With dozens of accessories to pimp your feline friend, multiple areas to explore, and fun mini-games – such as whack-a-crab, catching mice and fishing – there’s a ton of stuff to get stuck into.

konrad the kitten psvr 2
Fun, family-friendly mini-games. Can you get the highest score?

Plushy-Mode Is Super Cute

To bring another level of realism into the game, you can also activate Plushy-Mode. Turn this option on, and you can strap the PlayStation Move controller to the back of a soft toy. The idea is to deliver an increased level of immersion as you pick up your cuddly toy and interact with it, but through the visor of the PSVR it will feel like your interacting with Konrad!

What’s New In Konrad The Kitten Update 2.0?

Whether you’re new or a player who already owns Konrad the Kitten, it’s worth noting that there’s a ton more content to explore, and plenty of significant quality-of-life updates.

There’s a major new region called Snow Valley, which includes new interactive objects and a new mini-game.

konrad's kittens playstation vr
Snowball fights away in a brand new area to explore

In addition, there’s a new kitten room, which features orphan kittens. In this new feature, when Konrad goes to sleep you’ll have to care for Konrad’s kittens during the night, who need feeding, training and love nothing more than playing with you…their owner.

If you have played Konrad the Kittens before, you‘ll remember the health attribute, which stopped you from playing when Konrad was low on energy. Essentially, the new Kittens feature has replaced this, so while he’s reenenergizing, the kittens will be coming out to play!

Animations have been enhanced to bring Konrad and his kittens to life, mini-games have received balancing tweaks, and various bugs have been tackled.

kittens in basket
Those cute kitties are fast asleep, but they love to wake up in the night to play!

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, FusionPlay’s lead game designer, Konrad Kunze, invites “you to have a closer look at one of the cutest things you can experience in VR and say hello to Konrad’s Kittens!“

Konrad The Kitten PSVR 2.0 Releases Today

So, if you want to find out how the latest virtual pet game has been enhanced for PSVR, boot it up today and download the update. Or, head over to the PlayStation Store and get ready to pamper the latest addition to your family!