LA Noire, Rift Sales and Resident Evil 7: The Biggest Stories In VR This Week


Missed out on all the week’s biggest VR news? Where have you been, Mars? Oh, actually I guess that’s quite possible. Well, either way, we’ve got you covered with our round up of the biggest stories in VR over the past five days.

LA Noire Is Coming To HTC Vive

You can count the number of true AAA gaming experiences for VR headsets on one hand, so we’re always happy to welcome more into the fold. This week Rockstar announced that LA Noire, its quirky crime game for 2011, was coming to the HTC Vive via a spin-off that adapts seven of the original game’s cases. It’s called LA Noire: The VR Case Files, and it’s out on November 14th, but that’s about all we know right now. We’ll be very eager to see how the game translates to the headset.

TPCast Pre-Orders Open In The US

Cutting the chord on PC VR is a big priority for a lot of you, which is why you were so happy to learn that pre-orders for the TPCast wireless adapter for the HTC Vive are now up on the Microsoft store. This kit plugs directly into your Vive headset, resting on the top of the device, and then communicates with your PC to give you the same high-quality VR experience without that pesky wire tugging at the back of your head. It costs a heft $299; would you be willing to pay that price?

Developers Talk Microsft’s VR Motion Controllers

One of the most exciting aspects of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 VR headsets is the six degrees of freedom (6DOF) controllers that companies will be releasing alongside them, offering hand presence within an inside-out tracked VR headset. We haven’t gotten extensive testing time with the controllers yet, though, so the question remains: do they measure up to Touch or the Vive wands? We asked a handful of developers that have been lucky enough to work with the controllers already that very question.

More Resident Evil 7 Is On The Way

Resident Evil 7 is still one of the year’s best VR games, so we’ll gladly welcome more of it. The Not A Hero DLC first teased at the end of the PSVR-compatible horror sequel has finally been dated for December 12th in the US and EU. At the same time a Gold Edition of the game will launch including all previously released DLC and yet another new campaign called End of Zoe. Both of these will be playable inside VR, so it sounds like there will be plenty more scares in store for you this December.

Getting Closer With Doom

Bethesda’s trio of upcoming VR games continue to grab your attention. We got a fresh hands on with Doom VFR at QuakeCon this year and it’s still looking pretty bloody glorious. It won’t be long until you can try it out for yourself; Doom VFR hits the HTC Vive and PSVR in early.