Lenovo PSVR PlayStation VR Mirago Solo Sony 1

Sony said with the announcement of cross-console play that it’s trying to be much more open as an organisation, and this partnership with Lenovo is just another example of that. Rather than go after the manufacturer for ripping off PlayStation VR’s critically acclaimed design, it’s instead licensed its patents out, allowing the Chinese company to legally “borrow” the crown-like design of its virtual reality headset.

The two-year deal will see the electronics giants working “together to greatly enhance the design sophistication and appeal of the rapidly expanding VR field”. Lenovo vice president Yao Li was particularly complimentary of PSVR’s design, although if you read between the lines of Sony’s response, it sounds like lawyers probably would have got involved if an agreement couldn’t be made. Of course, this situation is beneficial to both parties, and preferable to a costly legal battle.

The Google Daydream-powered Mirage Solo will be the first headset to release as part of this partnership, and as you can see from the pictures it does bear a striking resemblance to Sony’s own. It’s actually not the first virtual reality device to mimic PSVR’s design, but this one isn’t particularly subtle in the slightest. Still, while the terms of the relationship haven’t been revealed, we’re sure the Japanese giant will be handsomely rewarded for licensing out its blueprints.