Limina VR Exhibition App To Debut At 2018 Encounters Film Festival –...

Limina VR Exhibition App To Debut At 2018 Encounters Film Festival – VRFocus


Bristol is once again set to host an arts festival that will include some virtual reality (VR) related content and regular readers will not be surprised to learn that it is, once again, related to Catherine Allen’s Limina VR.

Encounters Film Festival
Credit: Jon Craig Photos

This time it’s 2018’s Encounters Film Festival, taking place this week (from 25th-30th September 2018) that Limina is involved in, with the company previewing its new VR exhibition app at the event. The app will be used to bring 360 degree video based experiences and interactive Unity projects to groups of people, effectively allowing cultural venues to set up their own ‘VR cinemas’ full of curated content with ease.  Limina VR Exhibition, which is currently in Beta was made in partnership with another Bristol-based VR firm – Zubr.

The move to create the app came as a result of two years of research and experience from previous events, with hopes that future development over the next decade will see it be able to reach an audience of 100,000 people by 2019.

“We’ve seen first-hand the audience demand for immersive experiences in cultural venues. It is this demand that has led to Zubr’s commercial success and our subsequent investment in Limina.” Explained Zubr’s Managing Director, Jack Norris. Beyond Zubr being the software partner and investor, Zubr do a lot of research and development of VR solutions and have provided in-location solutions for the likes of the Eden Project and We the Curious.

“We are going to eliminate the current faff that venues have to endure in putting larger audience groups through VR.” Says Norris.

Limina VR Exhibition App (Testing)“Reducing the barriers to entry into the world of VR is something I am deeply passionate about.” Adds Allen. “Our VR exhibition app means that any venue can smoothly exhibit VR if it has the space and a paying audience. A robust system like this is necessary to grow and cement VR’s role as a mainstream artistic medium, akin to cinema or theatre. We’re really excited to be previewing the Limina VR Exhibition app at Encounters – a really pioneering festival.”

The Encounters Festival’s VR strand will be running from this Wednesday, September 26th through to Sunday (30th September) at the Watershed arts venue in Bristol. VR screenings will run throughout the day and are open to the public with tickets purchasable from

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