LiveLike VR Sports Viewing Platform Secures $9.6 Million More In Funding

LiveLike VR Sports Viewing Platform Secures $9.6 Million More In Funding


Livelike VR Sports Viewing Platform

Being able to watch your favourite team or sports played out with all the statistics you could ever require, in the company of your friends, wherever they may be located in the world, is being made possible by start-ups such as LiveLike. The VR sports viewing platform company has this week announced a $9.6 million Series B investment, from companies such as Greycroft Partners and Lepe Partners to name a few. Building on the previous Series A round in 2016 which raised the company $5 million.

For an overview of what you can expect from the LiveLike social virtual reality sports viewing platform, watch the demonstration video below. LiveLike is developing a white label platform allowing sports promoters and event organisers to broadcast their content directly through the platform. Interested parties currently take the form of FOX Sports and French Tennis Federation an virtual reality experiences have already been created for the Super Bowl LI, UEFA Champions League Final, NCAA Basketball Big East Tournament, and the French Open.

The VR company explains more about what it will do with the latest round of investment to develop the sports VR platform even further. “LiveLike will utilize its new investment to expands its partnerships, and further build out its product and platform to make it even simpler and frictionless for users. This will include creating increased cross-platform compatibility, an evolved user interface to make content discovery even more intuitive, and new in-product experiences—such as fantasy sports integrations—designed to spark additional social interactions. Moreover, it will look to build new compelling advertising opportunities that enable marketers to connect with sports fans in groundbreaking ways.” For more information on the new social virtual reality viewing platforms jump over to the official LiveLike website.

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