H&M decided to turn up the heat at their latest fashion show and instead of having their models strut the runway, they let attendees get up close and personal with their hottest looks. Thanks to a collaboration with Magic Leap, H&M, Moschino, and Warpin Media worked together to allow their guests to interact with the extensive collection through a memorable eight-minute immersive fashion experience.

The show was designed to take attendees back in time and modeled after the multicolored stripes of an old school television. The design was inspired after Jeremy Scott, creative director for Moschino, latest collection. Guest could put on the Magic Leap and entered a high-tech area where they explored, viewed pieces, and touched accessories that were placed throughout the room. Throughout the immersion there were videos playing that collated with the collections and were like a QVC television program.

A look at the H&M x Moschino collaboration.

H&M and Moschino wanted to give their guest a memorable experience and made sure their show was something to talk about. If a guest used the AR technology to “touch” a bag, the bag would melt in on itself after the attendee was finished with it. Jeremy Scott even added himself into the immersion by having a giant gold replicated head spinning around the room, blasting music.

The entire experience only took about five minutes and guests knew the experience was over sine their screens flashed “End of Transmission” when the experience ended.

Due to the success of this fashion show, H&M is even looking into how they can integrate the immersive technology into their business model for future projects.

“For the Moschino TV H&M global launch we utilized this technology for a creative experience, but we are also looking at ways to apply it to our business in the future,” said Anna Tillberg Pantzar from H&M’s Laboratory. “This is a glimpse of the future. We’re taking the virtual world and making it come alive in a physical experience.”

Only 700 guests were able to view the amazing AR fashion show for H&M x Moschino, but we can keep our fingers crossed that H&M will bring this awesome technology to all their stores in the future.

“H&M is committed to the future of fashion and to being at the forefront of technology,” said Pantzar. “Magic Leap along with Warpin are the perfect partners to allow us to innovate in this space. We will invite guests to experience fashion like never have before.”

Besides using this new technology, H&M recently launched a Click & Collection at its stores. Click & Collection will allow customers to place an order online and have that order delivered within a couple of days to a local store. This isn’t anything groundbreaking for the fashion industry, but it is something new for the company.

Cofounder of Warpin, Emma Ridderstad, believes that retailers should embrace augmented technology since it can help bring their garments to life without their customers having to be in their stores. Today, H&M is the first fashion retailor to use AR technology in their fashion shows but other, smaller companies, have used the technology to bring products to life on the customers phone screens.