Telefónica has released a short catalogue of virtual reality (VR) content for pay-TV subscribers in Spain.
vr movistar 28 feb 2018The telco presented its TV Virtual Experience project, which aims to offer viewers’ full immersion into video and TV, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The VR application is compatible with three platforms – Oculus, Microsoft and Steam VR – with there are no specific requirements regarding glasses.

In terms of content, some live programming from Movistar’s linear channels, video-on-demand (VOD) titles, and 360° pieces are available, as are some Movistar+’s original series including La Peste and La Zona.

In addition, the VR content is complemented by floating screens inside the virtual room upon which users can view transmedia interactive content, social media feeds and recommendations for content similar to what is being viewed.

The TV Virtual Experience also enables third parties to position their products through interactive 3D advertising objects inside the virtual room.

“This experience constitutes one more step towards the television of the future, whereby, as a result of the new technologies, an integral experience will be achieved, enabling users to switch from being passive subjects to interacting with the contents and adapting them to their needs,” said Telefónica during the presentation.