Netflix is one of the most popular apps for watching movies and shows. So without a doubt it has made its entry into VR for a more immersive viewing experience. And to make the app more readily available, Netflix has confirmed that it will be launching alongside the Oculus Quest VR headset.

Netflix will be available on Day 1 of the launch and it will be available for free for those lucky enough to get their hands on the Oculus Quest standalone VR headset. However, you will need a Netflix account to watch any of the movies or videos available through the app.

Netflix is a private screening app that works quite different than something like Bigscreen where you can enjoy movies and shows with your virtual friends. In addition, YouTube VR will be available for anyone who is looking into 180 and 360 VR content.

While VR games are the forefront for the virtual world, video streaming apps also provide a sense of immersion within the virtual space. Make sure to check it out and see how different the Netflix VR experience is compared to traditional screens.