New Adventure RPG, Table of Tales, Releases New Trailer


Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown is a tabletop, tactical turn-base RPG that will make RPG fans squeal with delight. Tin Man Games, the developer of Table of Tales, combined an epic adventure RPG with a tabletop strategy to give us this.

While playing, the game is constantly moving along with you in forms of little blocks on a magic table. As you walk, the blocks will change forms into new features and environments. One moment you can be playing in a city and then next you can be in a desert where enemies will appear to attack you.

A party, called Scoundrels, will accompany you through the Crown Islands. The Scoundrels are made up of several different characters that you get to choose, each having their own specific class. Some of the classes are what we typically see but there is also medieval fantasy involved that include a sorcerer and a tank.

The fate of your Scoundrels lie on your shoulders. You will be in control of every tactical combat decision your team faces and the trouble you encounter. The story of the game will also be determined by the decisions you make throughout the game. This means there are different outcomes to every decision you make. Luckily, the game is also replayable, so if you don’t like the outcome you got, you can always replay it.

Similar to other table top games, you need a Game Master. Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown will be guided by game master Arbitrix.

“There have been lots of Game Master characters in games, but many are very antagonistic and only have one goal: to kill you. A big part of Table of Tales is bringing to life a Game Master who is more like real-life GMs: they challenge you, yes, but really they’re on your side. They love the game and want you to have the best and most exciting adventure possible,” said Lead Writer, Ben McKenzie.

Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown will be available on PSVR on April 16th.