New Scary Roller Coaster 3D Video: Virtual Reality Creepy Videos for Smartphone & VR Box or Gear VR


New scary 3D video of a creepy virtual reality roller coaster for smartphones !
Dive into the ocean populated with all kind of scary and creepy sea monsters, giant octopus and kraken.
Hold on to your roller coaster seat for the greatest jumpscares !

You can view this new 3d video with your smartphone and a virtual reality headset like VR Box, Google Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR, Shinecon VR or any other Google Cardboard viewer.

This new 3d video is published side by side format (SBS) for backward compatibility so you can watch it with every smartphone, even the oldest.
You can also watch this virtual reality video without a vr device: put your smartphone in front of your eyes and stare at infinity.

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