New Trailer For VR Multiplayer Title Seeking Dawn Arrives – VRFocus

New Trailer For VR Multiplayer Title Seeking Dawn Arrives – VRFocus


With virtual reality (VR) moving towards a more mature phase of development, we’re starting to see larger adventures coming to life, particularly for the high-end platforms such as PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Developer Multiverse Entertainment are seeking to continue and expand upon that trends with Seeking Dawn, which has just seen the launch of a new trailer.

Seeking Dawn has been envisioned as a large-scale VR sci-fi mutliplayer set on a sprawling alien planet which mixes together elements of role-playing games (RPG) with survival crafting.

Seeking Dawn

The gameplay features both a single-player campaign along with multi-player options within the story-driven campaign, with the development team promising dozens of hours of gameplay with gritty combat and the ability to develop and customise characters using the RPG elements.

The crafting elements will include over 50 tools which can be used for combat or survival. While players will need to hunt down wildlife and other resources, hostile creatures will also come to attack your base, so setting up base defences will be critical.

Multiverse Entertainment have promised that Seeking Dawn will be a fully free-roaming adventure, with the extensive freedom of movement that this implies, so in addition to just running around, players will be able to strafe, climb and swim.

While Seeking Dawn has been available in Early Access since early May through the Seeking Dawn official website for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Upon full release Seeking Dawn will also be compatible with PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality devices.

Seeking Dawn

The new trailer gives a look at the updated and revamped gameplay. The development team are hoping to create a new type of multiplayer in which players sync up in VR to take on a planet full of alien threats.

The trailer is available to view below and further updates on Seeking Dawn and other upcoming VR projects will be here on VRFocus.