Prepare yourself because a new VR game is headed our way to bring laughs. Mace and Grace is a medieval VR arcade game that offers multiple levels, a variety of enemies, and different game modes. The main objective is straightforward, destroy all the knights and try to get to the princess.

The game also lets you get creative with the way you destroy enemies. Choose from maces, axes, moringstars, spears, fist or even your sweltering fire breath to take them down and protect your lady. You can also challenge friends in Mace and Grace to see who is the best at protecting their princess and watch each other climb the leader board.

Right now Mace and Grace are in Early Access on Steam and we know two of the modes include a limited time mode and a fight to the death with endless waves of enemies mode.

There are additional ways to get points since this is an arcade game where points matter. The more power you have, the more points you gain, and if you obliterate a pair of knights at the same time, it activates a special rage mode. You will also gain special bonuses for dodging bombs, which is pretty cool.

Mace and Grace will stay in Early Access for a while, and the developers even said they would look towards the Steam community to help improve their game.

Right now Mace and Grace is set to release in May and will be supported on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. You can watch the trailer for Mace and Grace below.