NordicTrack is on the move once again aiming to make people healthy and fit in whatever way they can. The company introduced their NordicTrack VR Bike, which includes a steerable yoke replete with a standard controller input buttons, directional pad, and triggers.

The bike comes with a Vive Focus and other gamified workouts that are designed to help motivate the user. One game that has been demonstrated is called Aeronauts where the player is tossed into a steampunk pedal-powdered glider that flies through a twisting canyon.

The point of the game is to pedal as fast as you can and navigate through the ring checkpoints and shoot down balloon targets by locking on with your gaze. The game is engaging and helps the player keep their mind off the fact that they are exercising. And get this, the game only last for about three minutes.

The bike is expected to arrive in the Summer of 2019 at the price point of $2000. The package includes the NordicTrack VR bike, Vive Focus that is outfitted with a number of purpose-built exercise games, and a one-year membership to iFit, which is an online workout regime led by personal trainers and company techs that adjust the bikes incline, decline, and resistance.

“We offer total body gaming now and should have full immersion 3D iFit videos coming online by fall,” said a NordicTrack spokesperson.

The company is known for their high-end at home exercise equipment, so it is no surprise the VR bike comes with a hefty price tag. The Vive Focus headset itself cost $600 and the iFit membership for one year is around $400, so when you add the bike into the mix the deal isn’t too bad.