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Oculus adds Chromecast support to Gear VR


You might recall a Daydream VR tidbit in the torrent of Google I/O news earlier this month; Daydream 2.0 will include Chromecast support. Not to be outdone, Oculus has announced that Gear VR can do that starting now, or just as soon as a new version of the Oculus app can be rolled out to Samsung devices. This makes VR just a tiny bit less antisocial.

The nature of VR makes it a more solitary experience than other forms of digital entertainment. No one but you can see what’s going on inside the headset, but Chromecast support lets others see what you’re seeing. In the Oculus app, just pick a cast device from the menu and drop your phone into the headset. All the games and apps you open will be visible on the Chromecast-connected screen.

It’s not clear if you’ll be able to manage casting from within the Gear VR interface—all we can tell from the screenshots is that it’ll be in the phone app. Oculus is also talking like this is already live, but I’m not seeing it in the app yet. Give it some time, and you’ll either get an update or the option will just appear.