Oculus Hosts Halloween Pumpkin-carving Contest in ‘Oculus Medium’

Oculus Hosts Halloween Pumpkin-carving Contest in ‘Oculus Medium’


There’s only a few days left until the trick-or-treaters come knocking at your door, but as you break out the dull kitchen knife and inevitably cut yourself on your real pumpkin this year to make a haphazard Jack-o-lantern, you might consider entering in Oculus’ spooky pumpkin-carving contest instead. It’s certainly less messy.

Two new categories have been added since last year’s inaugural contest, allowing for both new and experienced Medium users: a simple Jack-o-lantern carving for newcomers, and an advanced pumpkin object or scene for the pros.

The winners, who will be chosen by the Oculus Medium & Home teams, will receive 3D printed versions of their creations and a spot in Oculus Home.

Image courtesy Oculus

The judging criteria is based on a 100 point system; 30 points go to design creativity and uniqueness, 30 points go to interpretation and clarity of theme to the judges/viewers, 30 points go to the structural integrity (if 3D printed and imported into Oculus Home), and the final 10 go to presentation.

There are a few other rules to watch out for too:


1) Use the base pumpkin sculpt downloadable from the Medium Newsfeed
2) Submissions must be made in Medium only.
3) Submit three (3) photos and/or a (1) 20-second video of your final sculpt.
4) Submission screenshots and videos must be taken with Medium internal photo and video tools – emailed to  medium@oculus.com and specified which category you’re competing in
5) Submission must be shared to your Medium web gallery (press Share inside Medium and find your sculpt at oculus.com/medium/artists/YourOculusID).
6) One entry per participant.
7) Must be 18 year or older, must be in located in United States, United Kingdom, Canada (excluding Quebec), France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland or Japan.
8) Submissions must be original designs!

The final deadline is October 21st at 11:59pm PT (local time here), so get carving!

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