Oculus’ PAX South Pin Pays Tribute To Original Logo

Oculus’ PAX South Pin Pays Tribute To Original Logo


Heading to PAX South in San Antonio this weekend? If you’re an Oculus fan, there’s a pin you should be on the lookout for.

This exclusive collectible will be given out to attendees that visit the Oculus booth at the VR Village this weekend. While the top of the pin features the sleek current logo, it also pays tribute to the original design established in 2012 with a widened eye. It’s a little different in design (and it’s orange instead of blue) but it’s a pretty cool nod to the company’s past.

Oculus swapped logos in June 2015, around a year after the company was acquired by Facebook and just as it began to ramp up its reveal of the consumer Rift. You can still see the original logo in the Kickstarter video for the Rift back in 2012, though.

Of course, there are more reasons to visit Oculus at PAX this weekend than a pin.

For starters, you can get hands-on with some upcoming games like Brass Tactics, Windlands 2 and Sprint Vector as well as classic VR games like Robo Recall, Superhot VR and The Unspoken. If you’re into talks then you’ll also find sessions from Job Simulator developer Owlchemy Labs and a VR roundtable. Finally, Robo Recall, Oculus Medium and The Unspoken will all have their own tournaments throughout the show, which runs from today through to Monday.

If you’re hitting up San Antonio this weekend then have fun!