It’s the beginning of the month and as regular as clockwork the Steam Hardware & Software Survey is in for October. As most will know by now the survey gives a good impression of what’s going on on the platform month by month. Last months stats aren’t anything too shocking with slight movements when it comes to virtual reality (VR) headset usage.


Steam Survey October2018

The main change that’s noticeable this month is a slight reduction in the use of Oculus Rift, with it now at 46.39 percent – down from 47.11 percent in August.

With that in mind, there are two new additions to the lineup with HTC Vive Pro and Huawei VR now present. The former is only a small 2.27 percent while the latter must be under 1 percent as it’s only been listed at zero. HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality have both held steady with a minor reduction and improvement respectively.

Those usage numbers do paint an interesting portrait of the current PC VR headset market as none of them actually release official sales figures for the devices, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously as the Steam Survey is purely optional to opt-in.

Oculus Rift - HTC Vive mixed image

The survey also showed that NVIDIA still dominates the GPU market, increasing its share to 76.56 percent. The company’s GeForce GTX 1060 still remains the most popular card on the platform with a 14.30 percent share (up from 13.31 percent in August).

With Christmas coming up and Black Friday even sooner, expect Oculus and HTC Vive to get even more competitive over pricing, with those figures likely to make some significant changes depending on how aggressive their promotions are. VRFocus will continue its coverage of SteamVR and the Steam Hardware & Software Survey, reporting back with the latest updates and announcements.