Image for Oculus Rift: learning machine that will blow your mind!

Donald Clark, a Non-Executive Director at Learning Pool, shares his thoughts on Oculus Rift. To read further blogs from Donald visit here.

One of the most talked about and exciting devices (to be released 2014) is not the Apple Watch or iPhone 6), it’s the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, priced at less than £200, which gives full immersion in a 3D world.

I’ve tried it, here in Starbucks of all places, and several times since, and it blew my mind.  The experience is so real, so vivid and so memorable that I can remember every last detail weeks later. This matters in learning, as the trick in simulations is transfer, all the way back to Thorndike, rarely efficient, except in simulations and in this case super-efficient.