Oculus Store Credit Starts Arriving to Those Affected by Major Software Error...

Oculus Store Credit Starts Arriving to Those Affected by Major Software Error – Road to VR


If you’ve used your Oculus Rift since the beginning of February, you likely already have a small surprise waiting for you in your account.

After a debilitating software error that occurred last week, which ostensibly rendered every Rift on Earth useless (there’s a fix now), the company has recently carried out with its plan to add $15 Oculus Store credit as recompense to anyone who so much as turned on their Rift since February 1st, 2018.

Important to note: Oculus Store credit has shelf life of 12 months from the date it was posted to your account, so if you wait too long hoping for a sale, you may forfeit it entirely. Check out the full rules here.

If you’re in the US, you should already have $15 sitting in the ‘Payment’ section of your account or a local equivalent depending on your home currency. If you’re using the app, simply head to ‘Settings’ and click over to the ‘Payment’ section. If you’re using the Oculus web portal, click over to your profile, and you’ll see it displayed under ‘My Payment Methods’.

image captured by Road to VR

While the credit is free, it bears mentioning that some regions maintain a flat pricing structure despite the exchange rate, e.g.: a game that costs $15 in the US will more than likely cost €15 in the Europe, which is equivalent to $18.50. Discrepancies in buying power aside, if you’re looking for a shiny new game to buy with your free store credit, check out these 15 games at or below $15.

To coincide with the store credit drop, Oculus also introduced a sale yesterday called ‘Duo Pack Deals‘, which bundles two games for a deep discount. Thanks to Oculus’ flexible pricing scheme, if you already own a game in a bundle, the price of that game is automatically deducted from the final bill.