Oculus Touch Controllers Selling Better Than Ever

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Oculus has been getting a bit of a bad rap in the virtual reality community more recently. Originally they were one of the front-runners, then Facebook bought them and things seemed to go downhill from there.

Last week, Paul Jastrzebski from Oculus presented at Digital Dragons in Krakow, Poland. He had some positive news to share from the company surprisingly. It would seem that the Oculus Rift has almost a 1:1 attachment rate with their Oculus Touch controllers.

Oculus’ Touch controllers were originally marketed at $200, which brought the combination of the controllers and the headset up to a fairly staggering $800. Oculus dropped the price of the controllers to $99, and has since seen a major shift in purchasing habits. Now nearly every person buying an Oculus Rift is also buying the Oculus Touch controllers.

This is a massive shift in how people are buying Oculus, and the company is recognizing that. In their presentation in Poland last week the company implored developers to keep the Oculus Touch controllers in mind when they are creating games for the Rift. Since more people are using the Touch controllers now over traditional controllers, it’s important that developers keep this in mind.

How do you feel about Oculus? Do you think the recent price cut in headset and controllers is enough to bring them back to the head of the VR pack? Let us know!

Source: Destructoid

05/30/2017 06:00PM