Pimax 4K Review – Budget VR

Pimax 4K Review – Budget VR


Thanks to Gearbest ( http://www.gearbest.com?lkid=10348812 ) for providing the Pimax 4K in exchange for an honest review.
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The Pimax 4K can access the same games and applications as the more expensive Oculus and Vive, but at a fraction of the price. It’s likely inferior to the other headsets in most ways but does have a few strengths of its own. I believe the headset is passable at most things but does excel at some, like when viewing movies and for playing games at a higher forced resolution than the others can manage. Unfortunately there are no hand controllers or movement sensors for it yet. Not a problem with the headset, but something you should know if you’re looking to experience VR with it. Instead, you can have a basic experience with the mouse / keyboard or from a Playstation /Steam controller.

1:14 – Unboxing and the Headset (+ audio quality)
3:09 – Setting it up with your PC
4:14 – What you should know before I review it
4:54 – Visual quality strength: the resolution)
7:20 – Visual quality weakness: 60 Hz
7:46 – Deus Ex VR: The Vomit Room Experience
8:52 – Visual quality weakness: Ghosting
9:30 – Other things noticed
11:02 – Controls and features – what’s here and what’s missing?
12:55 – The best game I’ve played on it so far
13:57 – SteamVR
14:17 – PiPlay and its ‘experiences’
15:01 – Kodi video player
16:14 – Conclusion
18:05 – Future of VR

In all honesty, I see the Pimax 4K as being a very viable budget VR headset and don’t understand why people would directly compare it to products twice its cost. You wouldn’t criticise a Radeon 480 for not being as fast as a Geforce 1080, especially if they still both run the same games. The way I see it, the Pimax 4K majorly lowers the price-point required to experience VR but does urgently need its own controllers and base stations. Right now, with VR being in its infancy, I think the Pimax is very viable option if you want to try VR out but don’t want to spend so much on what’s essentially first-gen hardware.

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