Chinese VR technology company, Pimax, is responsible for the first commercially available 4k VR headset and now they are showing off their latest production, knuckle-style open-palm motion controllers.

Besides the controllers the company unveiled a new headset, the Pimax 5k & 8k ultra wide headset that features a 200-degree field-of-view, focal service displace, wireless transmission, and improved resolution.

All models of the Pimax 5k Plus, 8k, and 5k BE headsets will include Leap Motion embedded modules thanks to their partnerships with Leap Motion. This component allows for a high quality hand-tracking across a 180-degree field-of-view.

The company is also working alongside 7invensun and NVIDIA to reduce GPU load power in order to combat dizziness and increase viewing performance. To help with this process the company decided to create foveated rendering via eye-tracking functionality.

The open-palm Pimax motion controllers are compatible with the Pimax 8k, as well as, Steam VR tracking 1.0 and 2.0. There will be two versions of the controller, one feautring a sleek trackpad, and the other with a more conventional thumbstick.

“As a contributor to the industry, we are eager to work with our partners to integrate more innovative technologies into our headsets and make these features easily accessible,” said Kevin Henderson, Head of US Operations of Pimax VR. “We want to provide world-leading technologies to our community and users with highly effective global customer service and support system and help VR enthusiasts realize their dreams in VR.”

Henderson went on to add that thanks to stories like Minority Report and Ready Player One, they were able to see into the future for an immersive experiences and UI controls. Pimax hopes to bring those types of technologies seen in movies out in their VR 2.0 equipment.

The company hasn’t mentioned when these new controllers or headset will be available to the public.