Pokemon Go, the popular AR mobile game, made almost $800 million in global revenue in 2018, according to Sensor Tower. If you compare those numbers to 2017 that is a 35 percent increase.

The game originally debuted in 2016 and was a hit from the beginning. Unfortunately the game began to fall and developer Niantic had to quickly think of ways to keep the players happy. With constant updates which included additional Pokemon and new features like trading and trainer battles, it seems like players are once again happy with the AR mobile game and playing frequently.

Pokemon Go is a free game to play but players have options to buy in game items like bag space and pokeballs. The game had a strong December with players spending $75 million for the month. In December 2017 players only made the company $57.2 million.

U.S. players contributed $262 million to the game, proving to be the country that spent the most amount of money on the game. Japan came in a close second with $239 million. Both amounts are up from the previous year.

The total revenues since launch for Pokemon Go is now at $2.2 billion. Sensor Tower is assuming the that AR mobile game will hit the $3 billion mark in 2019.